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Break the Silence- Set up your mic on the PS3

It seems that we have a few newcomers coming to the playstation3 lately. I felt compelled to write a basic “how-to guide” on communications. So, we can all communicate verbally and be more effective as a team in games like Warhawk, Call of Duty 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto 4, etc. You can use a USB headset, a mic from a game like Garage Band with your Tv speakers, or everyone’s wireless favorite bluetooth headsets.

USB Headset

We will start with the easiest one. Sometimes, I found that you can simply just plug the USB headset in to one of the USB ports on the front of the console and starts to work right away. However, you may have to go in and make the adjustment in you Audio Device Settings. I found a Vantage Head Set from Logitech that works really well as an example.,en

It’s a great option when your batteries die on your wireless bluetooth head set.

Follow these directions…

(Push “X” to select, “O” to back out, and use left stick or Directional-pad “D-pad” to move around)

1. But after plugging it in go to Settings.

2. Go down 8 clicks to Accessory Settings.

3. Then down 4 clicks Audio Device Settings.

It’s at this menu you that you can select your device and adjust your microphone level.

Go one click down and select your Input Device. Move up and down to select Logitech USB Headset. Push X. And you should see it Light up. Start Talking an you should see the voice meter on top move.

Move up to microphone level and make your adjustments from 1-5. I prefer to leave it on 3.

Now go down to Output Device. This is were you can select your tv speakers to be the output instead of your headphones. Select System Default Device- if you want to use you tv speakers rather than your headset.

Finally, push “OK” to save your settings. IMPORTANT, otherwise you may have to do it again.

USB Rock Band Mic

Do everything the same above(steps 1-3) and select you Input Device as a Logitech Microphone. Then Output Device as “System Default Device” to use your tv speakers. Then select “OK”

-This is great when you just want to use your mic from Rock Band.

A friend of mine discovered this by accident.

Note- The playstation 3 current system is generally designed for one communication device per console. However, if you use the mic method then everyone can talk at one time.


It’s nice not having wire dangling everywhere. Just like a cellular phone you have to sinc it first. (also known as pairing). Not all bluetooth head sets work with the PS3. See the Playstation 3 forums for more information. But the majority of them will work. The old Trial and error method must be used. I will use the Jabra BT125 that comes with Warhawk as an example.

To sinc or pair…

1.Go to Settings

2.Down 8 clicks to Accessory Settings

3.Go down 1 click to Manage Bluetooth Devices

4.Select “Yes” to register your bluetooth device

5.Push and hold your center button on your Jabra till you get a solid blue light…(not blinking, stays on when held for a few seconds) “Start Scanning”

7.It will scan and find Jabra BT125 select it.

8.Type in Pass Key “0000” ( common for most bluetooths)

9.Go down and press “OK”

10.Then it will register and your ready to follow the steps for the USB headet to select this time the Jabra BT125.

-Note the Jabra BT125 can be turned off by holding the center button down to you see three flashes. To turn on again to hold the center button to you see the blue light flash one time for future use.

-Note if you switch back in forth between different methods, usually after recharging you bluetooth, you can select “Connect Blue Tooth” in Audio Device Settings. Therefore you do not have to pair up again.

You can use the Playstation 3 Eye Camera for communicating with friends in chat. However- I found I we get a lot of feedback going through the speakers in online games. I cannot recommend this method for playing games like Call of Duty 4. It Works great for playing Poker with video support out now. Communications in chat is great.

A couple of points I may recommend is to be aware of your TV sound levels so it is not going through the speakers. Music does not seem to go through very well either. Otherwise, be prepared to be muted in the games by everyone else.

I wrote this to help my fellow gamers get on to the PS3 and communicate in the new games coming out. Enjoy.

-Important note. Some games will require you to push one of the controls to talk. A perfect new example is Metal Gear Online… you have to push “SELECT” to communicate. You will see the gray speaker indicator in the lobby light up to a white color. Team communication will definitely be a big help. Especially, when you’re your team is trying to find and kill SNAKE! Please, read the directions for the game.

June 16, 2008

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